Selena Gomez Reveals Why She Told Fans About Her 90 Days Off

Selena Gomez Reveals Why She Told Fans About Her 90 Days Off

Selena Gomez has rid her life of the people who once told her what to do.

The 24-year-old entertainer made an appearance on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Monday (June 5) in New York City, and spoke about the people who told her how she should operate.

“I’m hoping that’s changing, if anybody told me to go on a diet I don’t think they’d be working with me anymore. That’s not how it’s going to work,” Selena said. “I think it’s very overwhelming. I have a lot of amazing people around me, Carl [Lentz] included, that kind of encourage me to know what’s really good for the choices I make for myself. Because it’s hard, it’s really hard when everyone around you is saying you should do this, it should look like, people are going to relate more to this, and deep down in my gut I’m like, I don’t know if this is what I want, this isn’t where I want to be. I want to do this, I want it to feel like this, very genuine and honest and raw and real and I kind of have to go with my gut, so it’s hard.”

Selena also spoke about her break from the spotlight, saying, “I haven’t really been all over the place lately and that’s kind of intentional. I think it’s important to balance out where I am and I’ve been doing this for a really long time and my sanity has meant everything to me, and a lot of that is my faith. I took 90 days off, I went away, I was very vocal about it because to me, where I get my confidence is my vulnerability. I can’t sit there and pretend that everything is good because I’ve done that for years, and it doesn’t really work for me.”

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