Niall Horan Doesn't Always Trust His Parents Opinions on Music

Niall Horan Doesn't Always Trust His Parents Opinions on Music

Niall Horan is opening up about his music and his life.

The 23-year-old former One Direction singer stopped by Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Tuesday (May 30) in New York City. Here’s what he had to share:

On being able to trust his parents’ opinion: “Sometimes, yeah, I’ll play—although it’s hard to play, ‘cause my mom will just be like, yeah, it’s great, that’s great, that’s great. You just don’t get an honest opinion. I tend to not really, actually, just more my like, I live with my cousin so like I’ll play, if I come back from a shoot, I’ll play something to him ‘cause he’s got like a good ear for that kind of thing ‘cause he’ll tell me the truth if it’s crap. So, yeah, don’t ask the parents ‘cause they’ll always tell you it’s good.”

On when the full album is dropping: “I’m going to be busy all summer now with ‘Slow Hands’ going all over the place. Then after that, probably in the fall some time I’d imagine. I haven’t got a date for that yet, but when I do I guess I’ll be letting people know. There used to be a whole time of secrets. Remember the days of where you’d be like giving people a 6-month advance on your album… but there’s none of that anymore. Whenever I feel like I’m finished and whenever promo is finished for ‘Slow Hands,’ I’ll be giving you an album… I’ll be telling you first! I’ll be finished soon, it’s not too far away I don’t think.”

On playing gold with Harry while on the road with 1D: “It’s great! We would be touring and there would be thousands and thousands of people outside the hotel, and I wouldn’t be able to just walk the streets, so me and Harry used to just go and play golf. Obviously people don’t want to be walking around a golf course with you, so!”

Niall also performed his hits “Slow Hands” and “This Town.” Watch below!

Niall Horan Performs “Slow Hands” on Elvis Duran

Click inside to see Niall’s performance of “This Town” too…

Niall Horan Performs “This Town” on Elvis Duran

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