The Death of Belle's Mom is Revealed in 'Beauty in the Beast'

The Death of Belle's Mom is Revealed in 'Beauty in the Beast'

If you ever wondered how Belle’s mom dies in the classic movie Beauty and the Beast, the live-action remake is finally going to give you some answers.

In the 2017 version of the Disney musical, we learn exactly what happened to Belle’s mom and also why Belle (Emma Watson) and her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) ended up moving to the village.

If you want to know more about what happens in the film, feel free to read below. If you don’t want to be spoiled, make sure not to read further!

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Early on in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, Belle asks her father Maurice about her mom and he clearly does not want to speak about his late wife. She asks him to at least tell her one thing about her mom and he says that she was strong just like Belle. He also reveals that they had to leave their home in Paris because it was much safer in the “small provincial town” where they now live.

Later in the film while Belle is living at the castle with The Beast, he shows her an enchanted book that he was given by The Enchantress. He calls it one of her cruelest jokes as the book will allow him to travel anywhere in the world, but he won’t use it as he doesn’t feel comfortable being seen in public looking the way he does.

The Beast allows Belle to use the book and she asks him to take her to Paris. When they arrive, Belle realizes that she is in the home she lived in as a baby after she sees drawings of her as a baby and also a rattle. The Beast finds a mask with a long beak and figures out that Belle’s mom must have died from the bubonic plague. This type of mask was worn by doctors who treated those infected with the Black Death back in the 17th century.

We then are shown a young Maurice saying goodbye to Belle’s mom and fleeing to the village to escape the plague and keep his daughter safe. Maurice clearly didn’t want to speak about the death of his wife as he is still heartbroken about leaving her all those years ago.

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