Harry Styles Booty Poppin Tweet to Fifth Harmony: Twerk It, Harry!

Harry Styles' Twitter posts can be really strange some time--for instance, check out his "booty poppin'" tweet to Fifth Harmony.

Harry showed he's a big Fifth Harmony fan, when he tweeted: "Hiiii @FifthHarmony, was just with @julianbulian and heard some of your stuff. My 'booty was poppin'. It's gonna be siiiiick .x"

First of all, it's painting a picture we can't get out of our heads.

Also? We'd pay good money to see that go down.

Quick, Hazza, grab your nearest onesie and work it out like Miley Cyrus did in her twerking video!

The girls were thrilled with Harry's enthusiasm...

Normani tweeted: "@Harry_Styles OMG YIPPEEE ! It warms my heart to know that your booty my able to pop to our music The Great Harry #BootyPopMadness #Twerk"

Dinah tweeted, "@Harry_Styles ZAYUM So i Guess ur booty Was TWERKIN ...&WERKIN ?? Lol i ACA-cantBelieveit! u is the pisnisi mr.HStyles #Harrysbootypoppin"

Lauren noted, "@Harry_Styles lmaoo Yayy! Glad you liked it(:"

Ally tweeted: "Thank you Harry!! 😄 Glad you liked the music!! And I'm happy to hear that your booty was poppin ;) @Harry_Styles Hope to see you soon!"

In other news, watch Fifth Harmony sing One Direction's "Kiss You" on the Kids' Choice Awards red carpet: