One Direction Teen Vogue Covers: Niall, Harry, Zayn, Liam or Louis the Hottest Cover Boy?

The One Direction guys grace the cover of Teen Vogue--each nabbing their very own cover pic!

Teen Vogue released a new cover every hour today of the guys and we have them all right here for your viewing (and repeated viewing) pleasure!

Inside the mag, there are even more dreamy 1D pics, plus Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry talk about how, despite their fame, they're "just guys."

Niall assured Directioners, "What we do isn't normal, but we're normal."

Harry explained, "Sometimes it's hard to understand, because we're just guys. We're guys who would be at your school, who got this amazing opportunity."

Given their very "normalness," Teen Vogue still wanted to know what hasn't changed in their lives since they exploded on the scene.

Liam joked, "I still put on underwear every day."

Louis noted that there is some downtime with their fame, waiting around for photo shoots and such, so to stay entertained, they like to get in trouble.

Louis explained, "Like today, for example, Liam and I managed to get on the roof of [the photo studio], and we were hiding from everyone. We just try to keep ourselves entertained."

Check out the full interview and more pics of the boys at the Teen Vogue website.