Gigi Hadid Used to Take Photos of Horses & Sell Them for $10

Gigi Hadid Used to Take Photos of Horses & Sell Them for $10

Gigi Hadid‘s love of photography goes way back!

The 21-year-old model recently stepped behind the camera to shoot Versace‘s Versus campaign, starring her boyfriend Zayn Malik, and she loved it.

Gigi says her mom Yolanda Hadid is the one who ignited her passion.

“During her time as a model, she was always shooting her own stuff,” Gigi told the Daily Front Row (via Harper’s Bazaar). “She has some amazing behind-the-scenes photography of traveling the world. When she quit modeling when Bella and I were born, there was a camera around all the time. We were always being photographed, and we could always play with our mom’s camera.”

“I was a competitive horseback rider, and starting at 14 or 15, in between my competitions, I would take pictures of my friends’ horses and sell them for $10,” Gigi went on. “I would print them myself. I loved it. I used to have It’s now just a locked webstarter.”

“Creative people always need to be creating, regardless of whether they are working or not,” she added.

Pictured: Gigi looking trendy in red, white, and blue while returning home after a day of work on Friday (March 31) in New York City. She was also spotted rocking an orange hoodie and matching orange glasses as she went out to dinner with her mom at Zuma after a photo shoot on Thursday.

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